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Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

Novokubansk.JPGNovokubansky district is situated in south-east of Krasnodar Region and is bordered on the north-east of Stavropol Krai, in the east with Ouspensky, to the south and Otradnenskim Labinsk, in the west Gulkevichskim region of Krasnodar Krai. Administrative Center - g.Novokubansk. Its area is 182.3 thousand hectares, including 150 ha of farmland.

According to climatic parameters area is characterized by dry climate and enhance warmth. Average annual precipitation falls during the warm period (April-September) - 340 mm, and lowest during the cold period - 211 mm.

The predominant type of soil - black. Arable land - 137 ha, deciduous forests occupy an area of 6.4 hectares. The district is the extraction of sand, gravel, clay, has a large number of rivers, beams, ponds.

The population of the region, traditionally a multi-ethnic - 84.3 thousand people, including 33.1 thousand people of urban population and 51.2 thousand rural people, some 80 nationalities.

The bulk of domestic investment is aimed at agriculture, processing industry, housing, social services.

Agriculture occupies a leading position in the economy of the area. Industry area represented one of the largest companies in the North Caucasus:

  • OOO "Hutorok-2" - the production of ethyl alcohol and cognac products;
  • ZAO "Novokubanskoe" - enterprise, specializing in the cultivation of grapes and production company Kuban cognacs and cognac drinks;
  • OAO "Novokubansky hlebokombinat" - produces bakery, confectionery, pasta;
  • OAO "NZKSM" - to produce the modern Italian equipment hollow red bricks;
  • OAO "Kristall-2" - produces sugar from two raw materials: raw sugar and sugar beet;
  • FGUP "Armavirskaya biofabrika" - has successfully operated one of the largest companies in Russia to develop biological.